How life changed the planet, and how the planet changed life: an exhibit in process

EarthLifelogoLR I’m currently working on artwork for an exhibit about the interrelated evolution of Life and the Planet. The scientists I’m working for are paleobotanists/paleoecologists Cindy Looy and Ivo Duijnstee at UC Berkeley.  I spent two months with them this Spring getting the project started. I will now finish the illustrations in my studio in Palma. Both the title and the logo of the exhibit are provisional, by the way, and may change.

Cin Ivo Hb Swamp lr
With Cindy Looy and Ivo Duijnstee, in front of a scale mock-up of one of the scenes.

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Free Download: Dedication Labels

Click the on the image for an 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet with a variety of labels that you can print, cut out, and paste into your books. You can use them as ex libris, or as dedication labels if you’re giving one of my books to someone as a gift. In that case, just add the name of your favorite child and you’re all set.  Happy Holidays!


Evolve or Perish: The Board Game

Evolve or Perish is a board game – not from the makers of Monopoly, but from ETE, the Evolution of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Program, at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Paleontologists Cindy Looy and Ivo Duijnstee asked me to work with them to create it. We had collaborated before – Cindy was a paleobotanical consultant for When Fish Got Feet and When Dinos Dawned. Read more